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Cylinders TCY Series

High quality and low-cost. Small cylinder for indoor.

We have developed a special cylinder with our own expertise with long time involvement of the hydraulic system for the medical equipment field.
This space saving cylinder based on the automotive manufacturing technology increases the quality and reliability of the hydraulic system.

TCY Series

TCY Series

  • Adoption of a certain packing material preventing noise
  • Minimum outside dimensions and installation width
  • The lightest weight design
  • Drain port to prevent oil leak to outside
Typical example of specifications
Max. Operating Pressure MPa[psi] 7[995]
Breakage Pressure MPa[psi] 10.5[1493]
Temperature Range ℃[℉] -10 - +80[14-176]
Speed Range mm/s[in/s] 8 - 70[0.31-2.76]
Oil Hydraulic Oil
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