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Comparison chart of Hydraulic system and Electric mechanical system

  • Hydraulic system, it means wide ranging applications
  • Hydraulic system, it means durable quality
Item Hydraulic Electric mechanical
1 Life time
  • Long life(drive in lubricant)
  • Maintenance free
  • Short life(degradation by abrasion of sliding area)
  • Need to do maintenance
2 Noise / Vibration Reduce noise, pulsation and vibration Big noise and vibration
3 Shockless Easy to improve Hard to improve(costly)
4 Speed It is possible to improve to the speedy motion(over 20mm/sec.) It provides medium or low speed(Max: 5-10mm/sec.)
5 Load Easy to handle high load It can handle only low or medium load
6 Energy saving It can provide energy saving by "down by own weight" or "spring return"(It doesn't need Motor driving) It needs Motor driving constantly during operation
7 Space design It can set up the cylinder unit with narrow space because of separation of pump unit and cylinder.
The pump unit can be set on a extra space -> It brings enough lowest position
The actuator unit needs wide space because of one-piece body of actuator and motor